• Gaia Mazzola

Cresceréarte for Espoon Lastenliitto - Haukilahti Art Club

Fall 2020: Cresceréarte worked for Espoon Lastenliitto, coordinating the seasonal Art Club for children living in Haukilahti area, Espoo (Finland).

The Art Club was divided in two groups and targeted to children from 5 to 7 y.o. and 7 to 10 y.o..

Each meeting proposed a different workshop. The concept of cresceréarte intervention was to give children the opportunity of trying out different arts-based techniques. The more unusual, the better! Ideally, this would have allowed them to re-think arts-based teaching/learning and its possibilities.

Together we explored collage, frottage and monotype printing. We drew on walls, painted without brushes and mixed different materials to see what results we would have obtained.

Both the groups shared the same daily task. However, every task was organized so that each child could have been able to participate, regardless of their age. The children chose freely the subjects they wanted to work on, with the given technique. This firstly reinforced their engagement in the task, secondly allowed them to be free from the pressure of a "result-based" class.

The club eventually stopped two days before the last meeting, because of the restrictions imposed by the government of gatherings - due to the on-going pandemic. However, we managed to explore and experience lots of different techniques and have fun with it!

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