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Cresceréarte goes Kulttuurikurkkaus - Fall 2019 laboratories

Aggiornamento: 8 mag 2021

Fall 2019: Cresceréarte goes Kulttuurikurkkaus!

Kulttuurikurkkaus -Culture's Call- is a project from the city of Espoo, Finland, that aims to bring cultural interventions in the field of arts to all kindergartens in the area. Cresceréarte's interventions were located in Leppävaara and included both laboratories for children and workshops for teachers. Children's laboratories focused on three main themes: multiculturality, feelings and roles in society. The themes were agreed upon according to teachers' will and they integrate their curriculum of the semester. The themes not only complement the program, but also are part of Finnish national curriculum and Espoo's own educational goals.

The main subject is art -in any form. Therefore: arts. Each laboratory is uniquely designed for the kindergarteners and their educators. During Fall, we experienced role playing as artists and models, collectively painted a flag, interpreted feelings both fisically and visually, created our own banners and so on! It was so much fun!

Teachers' workshops followed the same process, but the main theme was creativity and its development within early childhood education. The workshop were meant to bring the theme to discussion as a peer-to-peer conversation, to share opinions and to offer the teachers an alternative point of view -mainly visual/artistic.

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